Upgraded Atmospheric Valve for the Mercedes A/CL/GLA45 (M133 Engine 355 BHP)


An upgraded atmospheric valve for the Mercedes A45

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Product Description

This valve is an upgrade for the 2.0 turbocharged M133 DE20 LA (265 kW 355BHP version)  engine found in the Mercedes AMG A45 upto 2015. The engine as supplied by AMG has a port for a dump valve on the side of the turbo, but it is blanked off. Whilst this is fine for the stock level of tune, as the boost is turned up when the car is remapped, driveability can be effected and the car can stutter on hard acceleration, which ultimately will reduce the life of the turbo.

Our valve bolts straight up to the turbo and is supplied with appropriate hardware in order to source vacuum to operate the valve. The valve features an aluminium piston for longevity, and is fully serviceable and can be rebuilt with a range of springs to suit your level of power.

“Fitted to my Facelift A45 AMG. Takes some time to fit but once installed in my opinion is well worth it. Sounds great, loud enough to put a smile on your face but not intrusive or “ricery”. Also a great add on for anyone going Stage 2. Thanks again ✌”


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