PRORAM 127mm ID Neck Large Universal Cone Air Filter


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Product Description

This PRORAM performance filter has been designed to fit any vehicle with the appropriate MAF/inlet size, you can find your required size by removing the standard intake pipe or MAF housing from your air box and measuring its diameter. It is important to note, these filters have also been designed to fit over your inlet and would not be suitable to be fitted to a soft silicone hose.

These filters are made using a high quality, high flow, synthetic nanofiber filtration media which is pleated to maximise surface area and in turn increase air flow. Utilising over 35 years of experience in the field of motorsport filtration the PRORAM range by Ramair is the premium choice on the market today for your fast road or track car.

Filter Neck Internal Diameter: 127mm (5″)

Filter Neck Length:

Filter Base Width: 160mm

Filter Top Width: 125mm

Filter Overall Length: 185mm

Filter Material: Synthetic

Filter Base Material: Rubber polymer

Additional information

Weight 356 kg
Dimensions 230 × 170 cm


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