Oil Cooler Kit for VW T5.1 Twin Turbo


Oil Cooler kit for VW T5.1 twin turbo

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Product Description

This Oil Cooler kit has been specifically designed to fit the VW T5.1 fitted with the twin turbo diesel engine (180hp).

The kit includes a filter sandwich adaptor which incorporates a thermostat, so that the additional cooling only takes place when required. The kit also includes a 13 row oil cooler and braided oil hoses, mounting brackets, and everything else required.

Please note: This product can only be installed in combination with our Intercooler FMINTVWT52

This kit is ideally suited to tuned vehicles or those that will experience extended periods of additional load e.g. when towing, or when operating in warm climates. The additional cooling will help improve engine longevity and may also ensure greater reliability.



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