Mini R56 Adjustable Rear Tie Bars


Forge Motorsport Mini R56 Adjustable Rear Tie Bars

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As the official and preferred supplier of tuning products to the Mini Challenge, we can now officially release to the public, the Forge adjustable rear tie bars for various Mini models.

After many months of rigorous testing on the F56 model we are now confident we have the perfect solution for a vast range of road going Mini’s.

We started by adding the means of adjustment, and then added strengthening, especially as the development vehicle was used on the track. Then we had polyurethane bushes made by the industries finest Powerflex. If you ignore the obvious benefits of reducing uneven tyre wear and improving the tyre surface contact area, the ability to adjust the geometry allows the fine tuning that helps produce faster lap times and race winners. Compared to the OEM installation, you find that the tram lining feel disappears and the turn in is far crisper.

For fast road use or track enthusiasts this modification is a must. Of course, if you have other modifications on your car this may be the only way to achieve their full potential.

  • Manufactured from the highest quality high tensile steel and with EN16T adjusters.
  • Supplied with custom made dirt ingress covers.
  • Forge Mini tie bars are enhanced with a corrosion resistant powder coating process to ensure the maximum longevity even in the worst environments.
  • Fitted with Powerflex polyurethane bushes which use advanced unique technology. These have the ability to offer high performance without vibration or noise but with exceptionally long life and ideally suited to both road and track.
  • Manufactured in the UK and covered by our industry leading Lifetime warranty.

My first impression after holding the stock bar was “how did I ever race with this setup?” The stock tie bars as so flimsy it is hard to explain until you hold them and compare them with the Forge rear bars.
The stock setup is light, but that isn’t a good thing. These components take a lot of abuse so they need to be strong. The Forge Adjustable Rear Tie Bars were designed for the Mini UK Challenge cars so they are incredibly strong and “beefy”.
The rear tie bars are adjustable with a simple rotation and then locked down with two slip nuts. This allows for fine tuning stance and more importantly, camber. These little adjustments will definitely get all the rubber down on the track.
As an added bonus, the bars come installed with race (black) bushings from PowerFlex already installed. I drove around for an hour or so and I am pretty amazed how stiff the back of the car feels.

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