Hard Pipe with Single Valve and Kit for BMW 335


Hard pipe with single valve for BMW 335 N54 Twin Turbo

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Product Description

Suitable for the BMW 335 fitted with the N54 Twin Turbo engine. This alloy hard pipe fits to the throttle body and incorporates our high flow blow off valve. This valve, fresh from our R&D department, is the largest displacement valve that Forge have ever made! Featuring a 50mm (2”) aluminium piston so that there are no issues with split diaphragms, we have not found the power handling limits of this valve yet!

The piston uses heat stabilised viton o-rings and high temperature grease to ensure a long life with minimal wear and very long service intervals.

In The Box:
1 x FMBM335DV1 Valve
1 x Alloy Throttle Body Hard Pipe
1 x Silicone Reducer
2 x Silicone Straight Blanks Hoses (25mm)
2 x 30mm Hose Clamps
1 x 80mm Hose Clamp
1 x 90mm Hose Clamp
2x M6 x 12 Socket Cap Bolts
1 x M6 x 16 Socket Cap Bolts
1 x M6 Penny Washer
2 x M6 Plain Washer
1 x USB Instructions
1 x Forge Keyring, Bottle Opener and Sticker

Note: that due to the high flow and low restriction offered by the 50mm valve, they are very quiet in operation.

Additional information


Yellow Spring + 15.65mm Shim (-8 PSI) Stock Vehicle, Yellow Spring + 6.5mm Shim (-6 PSI), Blue Spring + 6.3mm Shim (-10 PSI), Blue Spring + 10mm Shim (-11 PSI), Red Spring Only (-12 PSI)


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