Cold Side Relocation Kit for Audi and SEAT 1.8T 210 225hp Engines


Cold side relocation kit for 1.8T 210 225hp engines

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Product Description

This kit allows the relocation of the diverter valve to the cold side of the intercooler on the VAG 1.8T 210 and 225 hp engines as found in the Audi S3 / TT and the SEAT Leon Cupra R

By relocating the valve in this way there are two benefits. Firstly, due to operating in lower temperatures the longevity of the valve is increased. Secondly, after relocation, the air that is recirculated back into the intake tract to the turbo will be cooler. Cooler air has a greater density. The greater the density of the charge mix in the cylinder the more power generated on combustion.

To download hose trimming instructions click here

Please be aware that these hoses were patterned from right hand drive vehicles. Whilst we believe these to be correct for left hand drive vehicles we suggest that you visually check their suitability, as replacement items, with those fitted to your own vehicle, before attempting installation.

This kit is not suitable for vehicles fitted with our Oil Catch Can system (FMOCHOL)


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