20mm 4×100 Wheel spacers for MK1 & MK2 VW Golf


20mm 4×100 Wheel spacers for MK1 & MK2 VW Golf

COUPE 80-84
80 72-86

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Product Description

Before fitment, please ensure the spacer fits flat to the back of the wheel.

These wheel spacers are hubcentric

These CNC machined precision alloy wheel spacers are 20 mm thick with a 4 stud bolt pattern for VW 100 PCD fitments as found on the MK1/MK2 VW Golf.

The spacers are anodised black to inhibit corrosion and “bonding” to the wheel or hub and are machined with an alloy spigot to allow centring on the hub (often called “hubcetric” spacers).

A 20mm spacer will give an overall track increase of 40mm when fitted to both sides of an axle.

These spacers are priced and sold per pair.

Please note: these wheel spacers will not “stack” or work in combination on the same hub. Extended wheel bolts/studs are required, but are not supplied.

Bolt Pattern:4×100

Thread Pitch: 12×1.5


Hub bore:57.1mm



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