Danny Wright


BHP: 272

Torque: Unknown


APR Stage 2 map

RAM Air Filter

Miltek cat back resonator

200 cell cat

Darkside Front Mounted Intercooler

Forge 008 Diverted valve

312mm brake conversion

Pilot Sport Rain 5's

Boost Guage

Quick Release Wheel

SAI Delete, N249, N112

Rear strut brace

K300 turbo

Stripped out rear seats

Raised bonnet

Danny’s Polo GTI

About the project

This Polo Gti started off at a budget build to push the car a little. Now with the K300 turbo Danny has the itch to push more power with his future plans. Even though this car is a wonderful amount of fun to drive as it is

Future plans?

Danny wants to tidy up the engine bay to make it look as good as it goes. He does have another engine that he wants to fully forge and push a lot of power out of. This would mean a diff, bigger turbo (again), injectors, bigger down pipe, bucket seats, Full roll cage, Adjustable top mounts, Polo cup bumpers and Thermal spacing plate.