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Sold in 65 countries worldwide, V-Maxx Brake Kits has fast become a familiar name on the tuning scene. The team behind V-Maxx have many years of experience in the brake industry and are continually bringing new kits to market.

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  • Big Brake Kits
    • Big Brake Kit / ready to fit
    • 4-piston forged aluminium calipers
    • High performance brake pads
    • Grooved 2-piece high carbon steel brake discs / ultra light floating aluminum hubs
    • Racing Technology with §19.3 Tüv approval = 100% road homologation
    • The performance which is given in the application list , refers to the original performance of the vehicle. Against the use of the wheel brake for performance upgraded vehicles is no objection, provided that the original vehicle meets the criteria in the Application Range.
    • Each V-MAXX Big Brake Kit is supplied with adapters to easily connect original rubber brake hoses
    • Non-expanding V-MAXX STEELFLEX stainless steel brake hoses with Teflon/PTFE inner tubing are available as accessory with Tüv homologation to improve braking performance even further