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AVO Coilovers - Choice of GTZ Fast Road or GTX Fast Road and Track.

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  • GTZ Coilovers

    - Dramatic suspension drops (60mm +).
    - Shorter bodies & piston rods.
    - Maximum travel at low ride height.
    - Adjustable damping rate.
    - Adjustable ride height.

    - Uses race spec 2.25" I/d coil springs.
    - Uses o/e top mounts.
    - Supplied with spring seats.
    - Supplied with top retaining collets
    - Supplied with
     dust covers.
    - The ultimate fast road set-up.

  • GTX Coilovers
    - Designed for motorsport & trackday use.
    - Combines mono-tube and twin-tube damper technology.
    - Excellent value for money competition suspension solution.