Suspension Modifications

At Performance Direct, we offer the following suspension upgrades:

Anti-Roll Bars / Bushes / Coilovers / Performance Suspension Kits / Springs & Lowering Kits / Shocks (Dampners) & Top Mounts

Suspension is the most important aspect to speed and handling over any course with corners – much more so than power.

Suspension consists of generally simple mechanical parts but the relationship between them and the car is very complex. How difficult this task is, really depends on the use the vehicle is intended for. For example, a road car that you are trying to increase handling ability on will require a very different approach to one used for Motorsport. It is the successful interaction of the components together that creates a car that not only handles and grips well but that is also informative and controllable near, or on the limit. This interaction is influenced by several variables such as weight transfer, centre-of-gravity, bump steer, roll steer, downforce and tyres.

The basic components of suspension for road or Motorsport are relatively simple although several different layouts are employed. Most cars employ a coil spring, shock absorber (damper), wishbones and anti-roll bars.  More sophisticated cars come equipped with Coilover shocks. These are available as Coilover Kits as an upgrade for most cars (e.g. Bilstein B16 PSS). From the simple MacPherson strut set up to the more complicated double wishbone system the objectives are the same. 

The most obvious starting point for modification is the springs and dampers. However, at Performance Direct we aim to ensure you achieve maximum value from any of your purchases. Upgrading suspension springs and dampers to high performance versions, before ensuring that the components they attach to are in good order, is a false economy. Better to start with uprated polyurethane bushes (e.g. Powerflex) and replacement of ball joints, track rod ends and wishbones if their condition is in any doubt.

A faulty track rod end can cause bump steer, vague steering and poor handling. These components collectively are usually a lot less than a set of adjustable coilovers, but the effect of replacement can be as marked on a car where their condition is poor. Notable examples include something with multilink suspension front and rear, with lots of replaceable bushes. These can get pricey. Above all if you don’t have the budget for a suspension and chassis engineer, we can help you achieve results, by tailoring a solution to your regulations!